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Paralot Manager Volunteer Opportunity

TCVA is looking for a result driven individual to assume the duties of Paraloft Manager when Jim Gallagher retiring his duties in 2018.

The successful applicant must possess the vision to elevate the Paraloft to the next level of successfulness.

Duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Must be skilled in working on a computer, have organizational skills and know how to use Wix & eBay (online websites).

  2. Keep TCVA Executive Director updated on new product development and final approval from TCVA BOD’s.

  3. Manage the day-to-day operation of the on-line stores “TACAMO Store” on eBay and “The Paraloft” in Wix, ensuring that all links are working properly, updating the database as required, manage sales and handle customer service.

  4. Ensures the online stores continuously run smoothly and responds to emails as well as questions posted through our on-line presence in Wix and eBay as well as our various TACAMO Facebook groups.

  5. Keep updated with the suppliers and manufacturers of the products they provide.

  6. Must be willing to dedicate a few hours a week on product development.

  7. Keep the database of the inventory up to date.

  8. Responsible for developing new store items based on his/her creative ideas as well as Board of Directors and members input.

  9. Responsible for processing and delivery of on-line sales utilizing the cheapest of USPS and UPS delivery services.

  10. Responsible for the development of the promotion of the on-line store site using social media and Wix blogging.

  11. Graphic design helpful but not required.

Inquires email Mike Vos at

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