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Vice Admiral Tyson "to leave a large hole" in the Navy

Article by Carl Prine Contact Reporter for The San Diego Union-Tribune

Permission granted by Ricky Young, Watchdog & Data Editor at The San Diego Union-Tribune

For maybe the first time in her Navy career, Vice Adm. Nora Wingfield Tyson is talking about some firsts.

The first woman to ever command an American carrier strike group. The first woman to command the forward deployed Singapore-based Task Force 73. The first woman to command a battle fleet. The first woman to navigate the flattop Enterprise.

Which is odd because the trailblazing aviator has always downplayed her gender, urging sailors to judge her by competence and courage, nothing else, her steely will focused on the mission at hand, not how headlines might describe the woman running it.

“It’s all about professionalism,” said Tyson, 60, during an interview in the Bull Halsey Room at the Point Loma headquarters where she commands the Third Fleet. “And can you do your job? Or you can’t do your job? Are you qualified for the job? So we shouldn’t put anyone in a job in our business or any business who’s not qualified to do the job.”

Photos from Vice Adm. Nora Wingfield Tyson Retirement

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