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2018 TACAMO Reunion Resort/Hotel - Last Call for TCVA Room Rate

Greetings Everyone,

News from Charleston Harbor Resort

  • TCVA has oversold the contracted rooms needed. YAY!!!!

  • Rooms at the Charleston Harbor Resort are almost sold out!! Yikes!!!

What does this mean for those wanting to stay at the Reunion Resort/Hotel?

  • Beginning on Wednesday, September 12th Harborside at Charleston Harbor Resort will open up reservations for 5 to 10 room reservations for dates between November 8 - 13. Number of rooms (5 to 10) will depend on how many attendees email Cheryl with room request.

Need A Room?:

  • Email Cheryl Vos, BEFORE Midnight on Sunday September 9th

  • Dates & how many will be staying in room

What happens next:

  • Cheryl will add your request to the contract rooms to decide how many rooms are needed on what dates.

  • Resort will open rooms on Wednesday, September 12th for you to call in and reserve your rooms.

  • When these rooms are sold out, attendees will need to go through the online reservation or call the resort and negotiate their own rate.

Who's Attending:

Thanks everyone for your help,


Queen Room Harborside at Charleston Harbor Resort

2 Queen Beds Harborside at Charleston Harbor Resort

Room needed at Charleston Harbor Resort


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