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TACAMO Memorial Day 2018


Another TACAMO Memorial Day is upon us, June 21st*. Time to reflect on our shipmates that have passed and appreciate their memory and fraternity.

As we approach the forming of VQ-3 & VQ-4 on July 1st, let us recognize the first CO of VQ-3 in 1968, TACAMO sailor "Ironman One”, Ed Preston. Ed began as a "whitehat" and rose to the rank of Captain, then became the first of what would become a PMA. Everyone that knew Ed, appreciated him. The TACAMO shipmates that passed this year and in the past should be remembered in our own personal ways as we all recall the fond memories and excellent examples of fine leadership and mentors they meant to us individually. TCVA wishes to honor our fallen brothers and sisters for their service and friendship. Rest gently, shipmates.

TACAMO remembers the following who passed this past year:

Ed Preston

Bob Downey

Chester “Chet” Shippy

Thomas Holland

Fred Niklaus

Ken Newell

Ron Woolsey

Robert Boles

Stephen Schuyler, Sr

Cliff Geer

Robert Lee Thomas, JR

Robert Morrissette

Tony Felicijan

Lyle Bercier

John McNamara

Kim Brandon

LeRoy Heinz

Mike Duvall

Dick Buckner

Curt Seltzer


*Why June 21st?

TACAMO VQ-3 suffered a tragedy on 21 June 1977, when Crew 4 was lost when their EC-130Q crashed shortly after a night takeoff (2230 local), just off the coast of Wake Island. All sixteen crew members aboard BuNo 156176 perished.

Pictured above: The TACAMO memorial can be found at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific “Punchbowl” in Oahu, Hawaii on the Memorial Walk. If you visit, please share your photos with TCVA. Email to

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