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TACAMO Fallen Veteran - James Franklin Williams, USN, (Ret.), VQ-4

Visitation Sunday, December 29 from 1pm to 4pm


Message from TACAMO Veterans

Jim Bassett Darn, lost another good man. Dale Hoffert thanks for passing the word. One of Jimmy's hobbies was amateur radio. When I got my novice amateur radio license (for the 2nd time) he handed me a box of radio parts. He told me if I could put the parts together and get the transceiver working we would talk about me buying the radio. I learned more about the practical application of the electronic theory the Navy taught me doing this than anything else I'd done. Nice guy.

Rick Landry Jimmy will be missed. He had a great sense of humor. Always a pleasure to be near. RIP my friend.

Gene Grigsby Dang, another good shipmate gone. Good friend, great sense of humor, fellow instructor in RTD. RIP Jimmy


TCVA extends its sympathy and prayer for peace to James Franklin Williams's family and friends during this time of the passing. 

Thank you Dale Hoffert for providing the information.


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