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Museum Donations from Katy Crowell & Family on Behalf of Buff

Mike and Cheryl Vos recently visiting with Katy Crowell. She was so generous with Buff collection of items to help populate the TACAMO Room in the Pax River Naval Aviation Museum. TCVA thanks Katy and family for their donations to the TACAMO Displays.

Buff's flight jacket is on loan for the 2022 TACAMO Reunion. Below is a list of donations

Donations from Katy Crowell & Family on behalf of Buff:

  • Hercules handbook • Plaque EC-130Q #531

  • Air Force Pamphlet 64-S • Aircrew Survival

  • NATOPS Checklist EC-130Q #77 • Plaque C-130 FAIRECONRON 4 (VQ-4)

  • Radio call sign chips (5) & "Do not exceed airspeed" sign

  • Book C-130 Operation Limitations • Framed picture VQ-3 Herc Group Photo

  • Framed picture Herc Group Photo AE-1 Lavery printed on plane

  • Framed picture Herc crew photo, Merc in background

  • Framed picture Herc crew photo, CDR Crawford printed on plane

  • Framed picture belly of Merc E-6 • Framed collage, E-6 on top, Hank Caruso on bottom

  • Personal Qualification Standards for C-130 Aircrew

  • Pilot Study Guide Part I (HERC) • Pilot Study Guide Part II (HERC)


What Artifacts are in the TACAMO Room???

Join TCVA on Friday, September 2

@ 5:30pm to 7:30pm for the Commissioning

Ribbon Cutting at 5:30pm

After the ribbon cutting stroll through the room

grab some appetizers & a glass of wine, beer, tea or water

Click here to Purchase Tickets

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