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November 11, 2020 Raffle - 2 Raffle Items Support TACAMO Heritage Center Displays

Southwest Airline Ticket Raffle

No Blackout Dates!

Use until May 17, 2021

Travel is restricted to the Continental United States

Total Value $800

No limit on number of tickets sold to one person

Rustic US Flag 11x21

Donation from Kevin Batchelor of Two Stars CNC & Woodwork

Retired Navy Master Chief in Ardmore, OK. Offering custom CNC wood products (flags, signs, gifts and more). If you're looking for something specific message Kevin!

Value - $100

How does purchasing a raffle ticket support TCVA Heritage Center? TCVA provides visuals to share the mission of those who served in TACAMO.  Visuals give continuity to public spaces, becoming part of the TACAMO memory.


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