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Southwest Airline Tickets Raffle Drawing & Paraloft Sale

Sponsored by TACAMO Community Veterans Association (TCVA)

Paraloft Sale 11/25 to 11/30 Promotional Code: TCVA10

Southwest Tickets Raffle

Purchase your raffle tickets for a chance to win TWO ROUND TRIP TICKETS on Southwest Airlines within the Continental United States. Total value $800. Tickets expire on 06/27/2022 Link:

Paraloft Items on Sale:

º Crew T-shirts º Water bottle

º Ball Caps º Notebooks

º Short Sleeve Tees º Jackets

º Polos º Beach Towels

º Coffee Mugs º Duffle Bag

º Mask º Laptop Covers

º Draw String Bags º Stickers

º Visors º Beanie Caps

º Long Sleeve Tee >>Sale Code: TCVA10<<

3 Ways to Purchase Southwest Raffle Tickets:

Purchase ONE ticket for $25 -- No limit on number of tickets sold to one person.

​Purchase FIVE tickets for $100 -- No limit on number of tickets sold to one person.

Membership - With a membership purchased during raffle *dates. * Limit to date Raffle begins and ends Example: Raffle is May 1 to July 4th. Memberships purchase between these dates get one ticket per year. For this raffle dates are: November 20 to December 31, 2021


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