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TACAMO Fallen Shipmate - Lyle Alan "Butch" Tracy

September 1943 - July 8, 2015

Lyle Alan Tracy, born September 1943, died peacefully at home July 8, 2015. His wife, Marjorie; his daughter, Kerri; his son, Aden; and grandson, "Auggie" — all by his side. His remains will be scattered in the Flint Hills of Kansas where he grew up hunting with his brother.

Alex McLellan reported the passing of Lyle Tracy.

Alex's comment: "As best I can remember, Lyle and I were the only Ensigns in VQ-3 at the squadron's commissioning on 1 July, 1968. Lyle was an NFO and a few months senior to me. I was a Ground Pounder. I would appreciate your adding my BOQ buddy to the list of our Fallen Veterans. Thank you."

TCVA extends its sympathy and prayer for peace to Lyle's family and friends during this time of the passing.


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