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TACAMO Heritage Cookbook & the Reel Ops Cookbook... Coming Soon!!!

After 11 years of hard work by John “Mom” Burgoon, the big day is coming soon. “Mom” typed all the recipes, ladies special recipes, sea stories and placed all the graphics and photos.

Now that the printers in process of binding and shipping the combined (Back-to-Back) cookbooks, yes two cookbooks for the price of one, TCVA is excited to let everyone know, It's Coming Soon!

TACAMO Heritage Cookbook & the Reel Ops Cookbook

TACAMO Heritage Cookbook

This cookbook contains favorite recipes compiled by the following: VQ-4 Officers Wives Club, VQ-4 All Wives Club, VQ-3 Officers Wives Club, All Wives Tea Recipes, TACAMO Community

Reel OPS Cookbook

It is dedicated to the memory of TACAMOPAC VQ-3 Crew 4. Proceeds from the sale will support the TCVA Heritage Center Fund.

A brief history of the REEL TACAMO CHOW (RTC) cookbook. Steve Bug Malavolti proposed the cookbook idea in December 2009; now, over 11 years later, the cookbook has come to fruition. If the RTC cookbook were an aircraft, it would qualify as a Hangar Queen and a Special Interest Aircraft (SPINTAC) – not flown in 60 days, 60 months, or even 120 months!


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