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TCVA’s Heritage Cookbook

In 2009, Steven “BUG” Malavolti proposed putting together a Reel Op’s Recipe cookbook. In 2017, John “Mom” Burgoon and TCVAtook on the challenge of putting together that cookbook. Generous benefactors donated VQ-3 and VQ-4 Officer’s Wives Club cookbooks and a VQ-4 All Wives Teas cookbook. After receiving the cookbooks and submissions from former Reel Ops, TCVA began putting together the cookbook. As it stands, the cookbook is filled with recipes shared among TACAMO Family on the road, in our homes, and at TACAMO gatherings, but it is not complete. TCVA wants to honor the TACAMO Community Guamanian, Hawaiian, Patuxent River, and Oklahoma heritages. 

TCVA is looking for more recipes from the TACAMO Community.  “Mom” would like to obtain more Recipes:

  • Active Duty Reel Ops – On-the-Road and Alert Recipes

  • Guam and Hawaii Recipes

  • Maryland Seafood Recipes (Crab, Oysters, Blue fish, Flounder)

  • Active Duty Oklahoma Recipe 

Click here to view more information:

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