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Who DOESN'T want to be a Pilot, Honestly??

TCVA Historian, Vern Lochausen needs your help to capture the story of the many crewmembers who have done the hard work and moved up to the front window seats. Two of our former FE's and two NAVs have agreed to share their stories for this. But your help is needed in identifying those folks and then hopefully they will agree to share.

- Dale Little went from Second Reel in VQ4 in the 70s to become a Naval Aviator, CO VQ-4, and training command Commodore.

- Jim J.P. Scanlanwent from the NAV seat to become a Merc driver, airline pilot and now USAF Reserve General.

Please help gather and share this story. BRAVO ZULU to all who took the challenge and made it happen! Please email Vern Lochausen or go to TACAMO Facebook to post.


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