Happy 50th Anniversary VQ-3 & VQ-4

Sponsored by TCVA Membership, Join today by clicking here Today, July 1st we recognize the Commissioning of Squadrons VQ-3 & VQ-4 On Friday, June 29th VQ-3 held a celebration gathering in VQ-4’s hangar. VQ-3 LT Althaus, LT McCarthy, LTJG Walton & LTJG Hefner organized the event and history displays after gathering history from Vern Lochausen, TCVA president & historian and from the boxes of TACAMO History in the VQ-3 Skipper’s office. Vern also provided the 25th anniversary program, which LT Althaus took and modeled the 50th Anniversary program after. Guest speaker, "Chocko" Baker, CAPT RET(USN) gave a brief history and inspiring view of the future of TACAMO. Among the active duty attende

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