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TACAMO Veteran is New Oklahoma State Senator from District 45

TCVA Congratulates Senator Paul Rosino on his election!

Master Chief Petty Officer Paul Rosino, TACAMO Veteran, is new Oklahoma State Senator from District 45. That district runs through south Canadian and the northern portion of Cleveland county. It includes the cities of Mustang and Valley Brook.

Republican Paul Rosino won his state Senate seat Tuesday, putting a damper on a string of four Democratic victories this year that has raised questions about the GOP's stronghold on Oklahoma politics.

Rosino, who is retired from the Navy and works in real estate, beat Steven Vincent with nearly 58 percent of the vote in the district that covers a swath of the south Oklahoma City metro area.

"I think what it says is that my district, they listened to my message and my message is what resonated," Rosino said. "It's nice that it happened, that we can say the wave stopped here in Senate District 45, but I want to work with everybody."

If the legislative special session drags on, Rosino could be sworn in before it ends. However, he declined to comment on current events at the Capitol.

"My main focus was on winning and taking care of things here first. I'll let the chips fall as they may," he said.

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