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What gets approved to post on TCVA FB?

TCVA reserves the right to restrict the content of its Facebook page and groups.

Here are the types of post TCVA will ONLY accept to our page:

  • Personal memories of member's times in TACAMO

  • Unclassified discussion of Hercs and Mercs

  • Member discussions of TACAMO related topics

  • Announcements of interest to our veterans and members, related to TCVA and TACAMO

  • Reunions, events, and milestones related to TCVA and TACAMO

  • TCVA will reject ANY of the following types of posts to our page.

  • Politics and political issue discussions

  • Religion and religious issue discussions

  • Sales promotions outside of TACAMO related

  • Unclassified TACAMO operational details and movements, past or present

  • Incendiary or derogatory, or profane content of any kind

Thank you for your compliance and contributions.

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