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A Heartfelt Thanks from the 5th Commodore to the 16th Commodore

Captain Edward D. McCabe


Strategic Communications Wing ONE

Task Force 124


Friday, 16 March, Mikey Black takes over for Tic McCabe …Congrats to Mikey…It will be another GREAT NAVY DAY!!!

I wanted to give a shout out in behalf of TACAMO to Commodore McCabe for his outstanding tour leading the Task Force here at NAS Oklahoma City. Monday morning at the gym at 0630 reminded me of the tremendous impact that Commodore McCabe has had on the Sailors in his Task Force.

The Navy was all over the weight room and basketball courts…Tic was in the middle of all that “playing hoops with the troops”. Blue and Gold everywhere…wall to wall…and that is just the way it is…Every day at Tinker and in Oklahoma. Supporting Pearl Harbor survivors on December 7, supporting the VA hospital on Veterans Day…passing out Valentines to hospitalized Veterans on Valentine’s Day…Helping the high school JROTC programs, providing inspectors for drill meets, throughout the year….supporting the Chambers of Commerce….and of course the great white war bird, always READY, always banging up the pattern round the clock...NAVY presence is everywhere. Everywhere you look there are Sailors projecting power and good will.

I know I speak for all of our Navy here in Oklahoma when I say that it is an absolute honor to be around these sharp, energetic and service minded men and women representing TACAMO and the United States Navy in Oklahoma.


Commodore McCabe …..Great job sir!!! Thank you for your dedication and commitment. Good luck out in Monterey…

With respect, admiration and appreciation….

Capt. John “Irish” Keilty, USN (Ret)

TCVA would like to echo “Irish” Keilty's sentiments to Commodore McCabe "Tic" for his service and commitment to TACAMO active duty and veterans.

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