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TACAMO Veterans in the OKC Area



at NAS OKC on June 29th

Cost: FREE

OKC Area TACAMO Veterans

This event is a chance to support the active duty TACAMO Sailors. Please click here if you plan to attend the in hangar event. Two reasons, help squadron planners get a good idea how much chow to plan for AND volunteers are needed to chat with today's Sailors around the displays they are setting up chronicling our history. Shout out the VQ-7 contract instructors, Gary Foster, John Keilty, Steve Jerrim, Paul Rosino, Ned Miller, James Meppelink, Red Summerday, Mark Herkert, Dan Seezholtz, Tim Pedersen, Dennis J. Warren, FST TACAMO vets, WIng TACAMO vets like Terry Frank, come on out and let us know if you will hang around after lunch and talk your personal history at the squadron displays being set up. Nothing formal, just talking how it was. Britt Windeler, CO VQ-3 needs veterans to help on this. Dan Shore come talk about IFT, James Meppelink come talk about VQ-4 TACAMO IV with the Sailors there.

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