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Behind the Scenes & Climb Aboard 891

Friday - Jun 07, 1300

TCVA is donating the painting of 891

JATO Take-off (Donated by Frank Baker III)

to the

National Naval Aviation Museum. 

Join TCVA on Friday, June 7th for lunch in Cubi Bar Café at the museum about 1130am. (Lunch pay as you go, menu click here)

  • 1300 behind the scenes tour of the museum

  • 1400 the group will walk out to 891. (Warning: 1/4 mile from exit of buildings in the heat of the day) At that time the museum Directors will join TCVA for a photo shoot for the presentation of the painting of 891 (Donated by Frank Baker III). After the presentation, we will climb inside of 891.

Naval Aviation Museum

1878 S Blue Angel Pkwy, Pensacola, FL 32508


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