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Pam Vaughn Valdez, VQ-4 Veteran Retires From Boeing after 42 years

TACAMO Community would like to congratulate Pam Vaughn Valdez on her successes in life and on her retirement from Boeing after 42 years. Pam was instrumental in obtaining a $12,000 gift from Boeing to support the beginning of TCVA and the 2013 Reunion.  She also organized a tour of the Renton plant where the E-6 was built for reunion attendees and MC’d the 2013 TACAMO Banquet. Over the years Pam has submitted articles of E-6 history for TCVA’s archives. At the 2013 Reunion, TCVA awarded Pam Valdez a Life Membership for her service to TACAMO.


Posted by Marjorie Lauri on 8/28/2020

Congratulations to my sister Pam on her upcoming retirement from The Boeing Company. Her friends, family and colleagues honored Pam with a truly spectacular and well deserved send off last night via Zoom. In attendance were well wishers from all over the world including 2 US Army and Air Force Generals thanking Pam for her leadership, mentorship, work ethic, friendship, humanity and on-going service to our country. Pam began her 42-year aviation career serving six years in the U.S. Navy in Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron Four (VQ-4) on EC-130G/Q aircraft at Naval Air Station Patuxent, Maryland, as an avionics depot maintenance instructor and a naval air crewman. She joined Boeing in 1984 as an E-6 avionics maintenance training instructor. Since then, Pam very successfully led program execution for several defense services programs including E-6 Training, E-6 Flight Test, F-22 Support & Training, KC-46 Support & Training, as well as AX, Indonesian 737 Suveiller, P-8, C-40A, KC-767, KC-135, KC-10, F-15, A-10, T-38, T-7 and MH-139. Pam was continually promoted to increasing levels of responsibility which led to a senior executive title of Vice President all based on her hard work, non-stop dedication and outstanding performance. It was clear on the call last night that Pam paved success paths for so very many women and men who worked for and with her. In addition, Pam created the Puget Sound High School Intern Program that provides 200 summer intern jobs, with many of the interns becoming full-time Boeing employees. She is a fellow in the Royal Aeronautical Society, President of the Seattle Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society, member of the Ninety Nines and Women in Aviation International, as well as the Chairman of the board of directors for USO Northwest. Pam was also recently inducted to the board of directors of the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Certainly proud of this Eagle's ability to sore! Congratulations Pam!!!


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