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TACAMO Fallen - Roger Bradford, VQ-4

Karen Mason Woods (VQ-3, 87-90) shared on Facebook. I just heard this extremely sad news and thought I should share. Roger was not on Facebook, but I’m sure some of you VQ-4 vets remember him. This letter was from the American Airlines union leadership. Rest In Peace, Roger.

My Fellow Pilots,

It is with personal grief and regret that I inform you of the sudden passing of Roger Bradford of Tequesta, FL.  Roger died tragically in a one-man boating accident last night near his home.  Though technically still a FO, Roger was one of MIA’s most experienced 777 pilots, gaining the friendship and respect of everyone who flew with him.  Always his dream to command the 777, Roger was scheduled to attend 777 CA upgrade training next week.  

Roger is survived by his wife, Stacey; daughter, Madison and son, Dylan.  Madison attends the University of Florida and Dylan is close to earning his private pilot’s license while finishing his senior year in high school.  My heartfelt sorrow and sense of deep loss goes to Roger’s family, his friends and the entire community at the Miami domicile.

A special service and honor guard will be scheduled in the future.  CA Tom Kelly, as well as many other fellow pilots and families, are assisting the Bradford family.

Godspeed Roger on your next journey. We will miss you.

More information will be passed along when we receive Roger's obituary.


TCVA extends its sympathy and prayer for peace to Roger Bradford's family and friends during this time of the passing.

Thank you Karen for passing along this to the TACAMO Family.


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