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TACAMO Fallen Veteran - Bruce Hauenstein, VQ-4

1948 - 2021

No Obituary as this time

Reported by Vinny DiGirolamo

"It is with a heavy heart but with cherished memories I wanted to pass along that Bruce Hauenstein passed into the next life recently.

For those who may not have known him, Bruce was the Program Manager (CTAS at the time) who facilitated the transition from the E-6A to the E-6B configuration. He was a smart man, a gentleman and never talked ill of anyone. He became part of our community and worked around the clock to deliver what we fly today.

From a Facebook post by his son, Keith Hauenstein “My Dad passed away today. It was kind of sudden. He was checked in to the hospital Jan 4th with low blood oxygen level and shortness of breath. But he was still messaging us to let us know what was going on. They tested him for COVID (six times) since his symptoms were very similar, but they all came back negative. His condition worsened over the next couple days, ultimately ending up with him sedated and on a ventilator. Today we gathered with him virtually thanks to Barb and Erik who were able to be there in person. It was good to see everyone and share memories. I’m thankful he new the Lord and that I’ll see him again eventually.”

On a personal note, Bruce wanted me to replace him when I retired from the Navy, but I chose the Pentagon instead. Later, when I was teaching at the University of Maryland, I met and taught is son Keith several IFSM courses – a model student cut from the same cloth – and I have stayed friends over the years since (through fb).

His work and service to our community and the E-6B transition were critical to NC3 and the fruits of his efforts continues to serve our great nation. He delivered on time (Congressionally mandated) and within budget – a loving father and husband. Our friend."

Comments from John Ryan

"When I got to Pax River for my first tour in VQ-4 Bruce was in the squadron. He lived 3 doors down from me on base. He was a LT Mission Commander/ACO and like me he was a NESEP so we shared many a story over a cold one out back of the houses. He spent 20 years in the Navy before continuing his service to the Nation through industry. When I got to NAVAIR for my first tour I had the pleasure of working with him again when he was at Chrysler Technology Airborne Systems in WACO. Bruce was a great American and I know he will be missed not just by family but by a grateful nation."


TCVA extends its sympathy and prayer for peace to the Bruce Hauenstein's family and friends during this time of the passing. 


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