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TACAMO Fallen Veteran - Todd Latshaw "Biff"

Reported by "Irish" John Keilty

Over the weekend Todd Latshaw (Callsign "Biff Gladstone" -loved that guy)) passed away. He was at MD Anderson in Houston undergoing stem cell transplant . He has been fighting hard this past month. More details are on his wife Budgies Facebook ( page and on Toddler Health Watch Facebook page.

I served with Todd in Guam VQ-3 in 1978-80 and he was a powerhouse pilot and officer when it came to ready room morale, airplane systems and taking care of the Hangar Deck-Sailors loved and greatly respected him. Wardroom loved him for his warm-heartedness and sense of humor. Always Mr Vice at Dining outs/ins.When he walked into a room, the place was in an instant filled with energy and excitement. During my pilot initial and upgrade training I loved flying with him. Cool, calm and collected in the cockpit.He taught me so much about the Herc, crew management and being a crew dog . He also was a great example of how to enjoy your life.Always a smile on his face. He and his wife Budgie were a great team.

So many stories, so many memories, A great Naval Officer/Aviator and an even better man.Proud to call him my friend.I will miss Todd.(A lot)

RIP Biff.

With tremendous respect, admiration and sadness


When TCVA receives more information, it will be emailed and posted on TCVA Facebook page (


TCVA extends its sympathy and prayer for peace to the Latshaw's family and friends during this time of the passing. 


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