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TACAMO Room Commissioning - Save the Date

Display Cabinets are needed for the TACAMO Room

Can you help? YES!!

TCVA ask you to

purchase raffle tickets to win

2 round trip tickets or a wooden flag donated by Kevin Batchelor of Two Stars CNC & Woodwork

or make a donation.

Purchase Raffle Tickets Purchase Membership Donate Funds

Southwest Airlines Ticket Drawing -- Drawing on Veterans Day - November 11th

  • Purchase Tickets Click Here

  • $25 for one ticket

  • $100 for 5 tickets

  • Click here to view Raffle Names - Scroll to the bottom to read the names


We need your help to make this happen!! TCVA must build up the funds in the Heritage Center account to cover all the display cabinets.

How Can Everyone Help?

Purchase Membership

Donate Funds


Veterans Day Discounts - Click Here


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