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We are Veterans association consisting of TACAMO Active Duty, Veterans, Government civilians, Industry Partners and their Families.

The TACAMO Community Veterans Association (TCVA) is not-for-profit (501c3) organization, originally established in 1997 as TACAMO Survivors Association, also known as TSA. In 2012, the association’s name was changed due to the government agency TSA.  At this time a new board of directors was appointed to grow the association beyond holding gatherings. 


The mission builds a community to share common experiences at reunions, share the history of TACAMO, collect artifacts and memorabilia for display in museums to educate the public and celebrate the service and sacrifice of our members. 

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Building displays, collecting, cataloging and displaying artifacts in museums, donated by members.


Find a space that can be furnished to display artifacts donated by our membership and affiliates.


TCVA is always busy pursuing our missions to "build a community" and preserve and present the history of TACAMO. LINK


Membership dollars help TCVA defray the costs of recognizing TACAMO’s significance contributions to the strategic defense of our country.   Membership dues alos support the actions of TCVA Board of Directors, who work to better the association, reunions, and preserve TACAMO's history.

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Hall of Fame

TCVA's criteria for selection:


  • Minimum 2 tours in TACAMO

  • Contributed to the mission/aircraft/morale/good reputation of TACAMO

  • Technical/professional/personal leadership - a mentor

  • Performed task or event that shaped the TACAMO mission

  • Community service

  • Generally recognized as deserving of this award

  • Categories-TACAMO Sailor, Industry Partner, Government Support, Posthumous, or Community Service


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Ball caps can be ordered during special order times.

Orders are placed, then sent to the embroider. After ball caps are embroidered they are shipped out. 

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How does purchasing a raffle ticket support TCVA Heritage Center?  TCVA provides visuals to share the mission of those who served in TACAMO. 

TCVA Heritage Center Vision

Find space that can be furnished to display artifacts donated by our membership and affiliates. 

 TCVA Projects

  • VQ-3 TACAMO Museum Display with weather proof photos

  • 891 Display in Pensacola at the National Naval Aviation Museum

  • Pax River Museum Display

  • Collecting TACAMO Artifacts 

  • Reunion displays of TACAMO History



Destination reunions celebrating TACAMO History.  Over several days attendees tour, visit with other TACAMO attendees and celebrate the incoming TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductees at the TACAMO Hall of Fame Banquet.


mini-Reunions are held in years that there is no TACAMO Hall of Fame Inductees Banquet at the reunion.

Next Reunion: 2021

Memorial Day Weekend

TACAMO Memorial


Located in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu

Etched on Memorial:

"Dedicated to all who served

the TACAMO Mission in

Memory of VQ-3 TACAMO Crew 4 who perished off the coast of Wake Island during a TACAMOPAC Mission in EC-130Q BUNO 156176 at 2230 hours local time on

JUNE 21, 1977

​“Take Charge And Move Out = TACAMO”

A term coined for the mission… “To provide a mobile communications link in support of deployed strategic ballistic missile submarines”.


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  • 1998  Pax

  • 2000  Pax

  • 2003  Pax

  • 2005  Pax

  • 2008  Pax

  • 2009  Memphis

  • 2011  Pax

  • 2011  OKC

  • 2013  Seattle

  • 2014  Marietta

  • 2015  3 mini-Reunions

    • Tucson @ Boneyard Safari

    • Destin, FL 

    • OKC (Crew 4 Gathering)

  • 2016  Hawaii

  • 2017  OKC

  • 2018  Charleston, SC 

  • 2019  Pensacola

  • 2020  Moved to 2021 due to COVID

  • 2021  Pax River 

tcva's address

Email: tacamocommunity@gmail.com


PO Box 6126

Ocean View, Hawaii 96737