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TCVA Membership, Join Today!

What does it mean to be a member of TCVA?

1. You are a member of an elite group who understand the meaning of being on duty and performing a critical, nationally important job.

2. As a dues paying member, it means you support the outreach of TCVA. Things like honoring our fallen, TACAMOPAC Crew 4, reaching out to active duty and having reunion-based face to face discussions between crews of old and crews of today. You support the Hall of Fame and you nominate peers for membership in that esteemed group. You give support to the volunteers who publish the newsletter, plan the reunions, and manage the website which isn’t free.

3. You care about TACAMO, its Sailors, past and present, and are willing to put a case of beer equivalent on the table to help TCVA keep doing the good work it does. Join or Renew your membership via credit, debit card or paypal Click here!

Every membership strengthens the association's goals. Whether you have the time or not to be personally involved, your membership dues support the actions of TCVA members who work to better the association, website, reunions, projects and preserve TACAMO's history. As a member, you make everything we do possible. Check out TCVA Accomplishments: See below or Click here

Join or Renew your membership via credit, debit card or paypal Click here! Dues can also be paid by check and mailed to TCVA, PO Box 6126, Ocean View, HI 96737. Membership dues are deductible for income tax purposes.

Members Photos

As an active member, your photo can be added to the TACAMO site. If you wish for your photo to be added to the Members page, please email your picture and TACAMO history to Joe Caruso @ No need to crop the picture, Joe will edit it and combine it along with the text.

$20 per year supports TCAMO history, displays, events, and much more research and projects.

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