Happy Labor Day TACAMO Community

Sponsored by TCVA Membership, Join Today. Click Here! TACAMO Community, We wish everyone a fun and safe holiday weekend. Labor Day is the traditional "change of season". School is back in session, football is starting its season and fall is fast approaching. This weekend take an enjoyable break with friends, family and shipmates. Then, begin preparation for autumn and Veterans Day with TCVA in Charleston, SC. Stay safe and have fun, TCVA Board of Directors

Winter Wonderland...Reality?

Think about this… It’s January you look out the window and see snow. It’s 20F outside, the snow needs to get shoveled before the ice falls tonight. You also think about the shopping you need to do before the ice storm comes. Oh now... you have to battle the last minute shoppers. Either way you need to put on layers of clothing to go outside. You better hurry because you have shorter daylight now, it’s not summer with long days. Now it’s time to find your hat that will reward you with hat hair, warm thick sock to keep from frost bit and your nice gloves to keep you warm. WAIT…WAIT...WAIT... JET SET - GETAWAY VACATION! SOUTHWEST AIRLINES TICKET RAFFLE I won two round trip tickets on Southwes

TCVA Vice President - Elect

TACAMO Community Veterans Association is pleased to announce Dennis “Coach” Warren as the vice president-elect. Coach will be replacing Jim Gallagher upon Jim's retirement at the Charleston reunion in November. Read more about Jim's departure by clicking on this text. Coach retired as a Captain and former CO of VQ-7. A pilot of many Navy aircraft, but the E-6 is his favorite. Currently, he's a pilot for Southwest Airlines and a member of the Commemorative Air Force. His lovely bride, Cheri adds a wonderful dimension to our team. In his new role with TACAMO Community Veterans Association, Coach will continue to serve as TCVA’s director of historic preservation. He is presently involved wi

2019/2020 TACAMO Reunion Survey

Greetings All, If TCVA is able to get the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola to accept a display informing everyone "891's" TACAMO history, TCVA will hold the 2019 TACAMO Reunion in Pensacola. If the museum plans are for us to place the display in 2020, TCVA will need a back-up location for 2019. TCVA would like your help in deciding the location. This location can be used in 2019 or 2020 depending on the museum's decision. Please vote on the location for the 2019/2020 TACAMO Reunion Click on this Link - Reunion Survey

TCVA Membership, Join Today!

What does it mean to be a member of TCVA? 1. You are a member of an elite group who understand the meaning of being on duty and performing a critical, nationally important job. 2. As a dues paying member, it means you support the outreach of TCVA. Things like honoring our fallen, TACAMOPAC Crew 4, reaching out to active duty and having reunion-based face to face discussions between crews of old and crews of today. You support the Hall of Fame and you nominate peers for membership in that esteemed group. You give support to the volunteers who publish the newsletter, plan the reunions, and manage the website which isn’t free. 3. You care about TACAMO, its Sailors, past and present, and are wi

VQ-3 & VQ-4 50th Anniversary Celebrations

What a fun filled year celebrating the stand-up of VQ-3 & VQ-4! Two Celebrations Complete in Maryland & NAS Oklahoma & One to GO in Charleston, SC November 8 to 12 First In May, Bill “Buff” & Katy Crowell held a picnic at Solomon Island Recreation Center, Maryland. Buff noted in attendance was the first three Commodores Riddile, Ayers & Lochausen. Also, Chris “Scooby” Sachs, Joel Lavery, Joe Walko and Mike & Cheryl Vos ventured in from out-of-state. Photos Below Second On Friday, June 29th, VQ-3 held a celebration gathering at NAS Oklahoma/Tinker AFB in VQ-4’s hangar. TACAMO Veterans enjoyed the afternoon with the active duty members at lunch, viewing the history displays and Guest speake

Save "891 - Not Just Fat Albert!

Fellow TACAMO Veterans - We are mounting a mission to get 891 recognized for her true fame in TACAMO and to get TACAMO represented in the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola. They think she is just another pretty face who once starred as Fat Albert. Thank you! Vern Lochausen Please share your 891 photos and stories Go to this FB group or email Cheryl @ tacamocommunity@gmail.com with your story. New FB Group called "EC-130G TACAMO 151891 - Fat Albert" https://www.facebook.com/groups/177454939747973/ A U.S. Navy Lockheed EC-130G Hercules (BUNO 151891) was initially assigned to VR-21 Det TACAMO in Barbers Point, HI. It was used for the "trash Hauling" mission until the TACAMO II Va

Reborn BUNO 161496 … Now a fire bomber

Here's news from our fellow veteran Joe Hawkins: That's an Ex-Navy TACAMO Sub Communications EC-130Q BUNO 161496 was built in 1980. The Navy sent it to Davis-Monthan in 1994. It was bailed to NASA and stored for spare C-130 parts at the Western International Aviation Yard in Tuscon, AZ. It was bailed from NASA to the National Science Foundation's National Center for Atmospheric Research for spare parts for that programs C-130. 161496, now Tanker 134, is the second ex Navy TACAMO EC-130Q that Coulson has reworked into a fire bomber. Below are comments regarding BUNO 161496 Vern Lochausen If memory serves...TCVA saw her at Tucson in a lot other than the 156 birds. Ramon Purcell She was i

Naval Air Forces Pacific Fleet Challenge Coin Presented

At the 50th Anniversary Celebration Gathering for VQ-3 & VQ-4 Mike and Cheryl Vos received the Naval Air Forces Pacific Fleet challenge coin on behalf of the TCVA Team, Vern Lochausen, Jim Gallager, Joe Caruso, and Dennis “Coach” Warren. “It’s for what you've done to not only support the TACAMO community, but to also keep the camaraderie very strong between veterans, active duty and civilian personnel alike. Having this robust sense of community is hugely important and appreciated by leadership across the Naval Aviation Enterprise.” CDR Jay “JT” Toribio commented. He also ask to please share his words and sincere appreciation with other TCVA Team Members who've helped to keep the organizati


Congratulations to Vern Lochausen and Paula Schnorr on their newly registered plates. There are many TACAMO, VQ-3, VQ-4 & EC103 plates displayed around the USA. Some are active and some retired to the man cave, garage wall or I love me wall. To see the plates submitted by TACAMO Veterans go to the following link and scroll down to Plates https://www.tacamo.org/image-gallery If you have one, please share with TCVA and we’ll add it to our collection of plates. Please let us know if it is currently registered or a plate from the past. If you would like to get at TACAMO related plate in your state, please contact your local DMV. If you do not see your plate, please email it to tacamocommuni

Entry way doors to VQ-4 spaces and VQ-3, Mercury Grill & ATM in Squadron

Really COOL entry way doors to center passage at the hangar. VQ-4 spaces to the left and VQ-3 on the right. The wisdom of the small group of commanders that planned the TACAMO campus: need a greasy spoon. AAFES agreed and it took this appropriate name. Yep....it's an ATM receipt. Story is when we invited Tinker Federal Credit Union president Mike Kloiber to one our event tours he asked me what he could do to support Sailors quality of life. My answer: ATM in the hangar with no fees. Agreements were reached and it is still there over 20 years later.

Hercs to Mercs

First arriving in 1989, the E-6 quickly changed the game for VQ-3. For the EC-130Q Hercules operations which covered most of the Cold War era until 1991, a crew flying across the Atlantic or Pacific had to carefully plan their fuel load and route of flight to ensure they could reach their destination while still completing the orbit maneuver. Each mission was made more challenging by the Herc’s service ceiling being no higher than most of the severe weather enroute, turbulence, icing, and strong winds as well as its range being limited to about 2,700 nautical miles. Too much icing, too much headwind, or too much maneuvering around thunderstorms, put the ability to orbit and the destination

US Navy Adopts Our School

From one-on-one mentoring, to having lunch with students, to joining kids at the Daddy-Daughter Dance and Mummy & Son Dance to helping kids launch a great school year, the wonderful men and women of the US Navy will be supporting the children at Shidler Elementary this year! They truly are our heroes and we love and respect them! From Shidler Elementary School located in OKC

TACAMO Memorial in Punchbowl

The TACAMO memorial can be found at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific “Punchbowl” on the Memorial Walk. Located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. If you visit, please share your photos with TCVA. Email to tacamocommunity@gmail.com "DEDICATED TO ALL WHO SERVED THE TACAMO MISSION"

2018 TACAMO Reunion, Charleston SC

Exciting 4 days in Charleston SC touring and enjoying sea stories with other TACAMO Veterans. Join your follow veterans and celebrate the many fun accomplishments of TACAMO with friends and family. TACAMO Hall of Fame, TCVA selects up to 6 Inductees per year in the categories of TACAMO Sailor, Industry Partner, Government Support, Posthumous, or Community. Nominate Someone Click here Charleston Harbor Restort & Charleston Area Patriots Point - Free Admission 11/11

2018 Reunion SCHEDULE

Fun filled days in Charleston SC with TACAMO Friends and Family at the 2018 TACAMO Reunion 11/8 Thursday — Early Bird arrivals Golf Outing - Planning on Golfing, go to tacamo.org/golf or take the survey click here Tours​​ - ​ Below are our ticket prices available at the Mount Pleasant Visitors Center - Located 6 minute drive, 30 minute walk to 99 Harry M. Hallman Jr Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464 *Carriage Tours- Depending on tour company they range from $17.50-$22 per adult *Aquarium- $25.95 *Birds of Prey- $18 (it is the same price online, but we save you the service charge) *Hunley- $14 for adults, $12 for seniors and military *Harbor Tours- Depending on tour company they range from $20-$23

Charleston Harbor Resort Transportation

Transportation Why pay for parking when you can catch a shuttle to Downtown Charleston or Sullivan's Island for FREE!! Parking Charleston Harbor Resort Self-parking with unlimited in and out privileges. For 24 hour period: $12 daily fee per & valet parking $25 Transportation - Free Leave your car in a safe place and leave the driving to the Shuttle driver. Explore historic downtown Charleston for the day or go to Sullivan's Island. The resort offers two convenient ways for you to get there. Downtown Charleston - The FREE Charleston Harbor Resort shuttle picks up and drops off in front of Key West Hats on North Market Street in Charleston. Sullivan's Island - The FREE Charleston Harbor Reso

Important Deadlines for TCVA

Sponsored by TCVA Membership, Join Today. Click Here! Southwest Airline Raffle & 2018 TACAMO Reunion Hotel Reservations To meet the deadline raffle date of August 20th, 99 more raffle tickets must be sold. Odds of winning TWO ROUND TRIP TICKETS One in 150 per ticket when you purchase one for $25 One in 30 per 5 tickets when you purchase 5 for $100 Go to tacamo.org to purchase your raffle tickets or click here 2018 TACAMO Reunion Hotel Reservations Rooms are running out at the Charleston Harbor Resort for TCVA's negotiated Room Rate for TACAMO Reunion. If a room is not available at the negotiated rate ask for the next best rate: military, senior, AAA, AARP, or American Express Member. LINK t

TACAMO Fallen Veteran, Charles Harless

It is with much sadness TCVA reports the passing on one of TACAMO Veteran, Charles W. Harless April 16, 1932 - June 20, 2017 TCVA regrets to share the news of the passing of CDR Charles W. Harless, USN at Leonardtown, Maryland. Chuck was 85 and he and his wife Betty and family lived in the Pax River area since the 1970s, working locally after retiring from the Navy. Chuck and Betty, both were artists and they collected and sold antiques, their last booth being at the Southern Maryland Antique Center. Chuck started in the Navy as a White Hat Sailor and was a Flight Engineer on the P5M Marlin anti-submarine warfare seaplanes that came before the P-3 Orion. He told tales of standing the ‘buoy

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